We are two mums that just want to make the world a better place for our children 🙂

We met when we worked together on Svenja’s  first project – Happy Koffer – and we realized right away that we had very similar values in life, family, career and business. It was only natural for us to join forces for DingsThings!

The seed for DingsThings was sown when Sruthika had an unfortunate experience buying a Stokke high chair for her son, Theo.  She traveled across Berlin, with baby and dog in tow, picked up the chair and its accessories, got home only to find that there was no back rest for the chair! So frustrating! 

The questions started popping up. 

  • Why wasn’t there someone neutral checking the quality of all products?
  • Why weren’t all photographs taken with good lighting, showing all the relevant information?
  • Why did people reach out to buy your products, and then not show up to pick it up?
  •  Why was it just so much easier to buy new shoes on Zalando or books on Amazon?
  • Who has got time to sort through second hand stuff while juggling kids, careers, home and everything in between???

We are on a mission to make buying and selling second hand products a GREAT experience for you. We want you to always say YES to second hand, because it should be just as convenient as buying a new product, yet more satisfying because you are also doing the right thing for the planet. The money you save is just a bonus.

Being environmentally conscious is really, truly important to us. We want to work with second hand products in order to put less strain on our planets resources. We also want to work with like minded parents who take great joy in passing on their great quality products to other families, but just don’t have the time to do that regularly. 


We are excited to go on this #secondhandfirst journey together with you,

Svenja and Sruthika

Sruthika Menon

Strategy Project Manager at Booking.com and E.oN Renewables.

Svenja Roehling

Co-Founder at Happy Koffer. Business Development and Finance at FMO N.V, Nordex and Commerzbank.